Brogan Carder

Red Bluff, CA and Roseburg, OR swing


Brogan Carder

Red Bluff, CA and Roseburg, OR swing

November 4th through November 11th was an action-packed week with 6 days of racing at both Red Bluff and Roseburg! Overall, the week went very well with Carsen and Brogan finding a groove in their communication resulting in finding some speed that we had been looking for up until that point. November 4th found us finishing 5th in the B main, Brogan had been passing for the 2nd position when a red flag came out putting him back to 4th and after a less than desirable restart, we finished one spot out of the transfer to the A main in 5th. On Sunday Brogan once again started mid pack of the B main and was battling for a transfer spot when a spin in front of him bent some front-end parts...after a stop in the hot pits the crew had him back on the track, but the handling had gone away, and Brogan spun catching a second yellow and finishing in 12th. Roseburg started well with a 7th place finish in Tuesday evenings A main event. The QRC Timber50 kicked off on Thursday night and found Brogan running in the 5th position of the A main and with one lap to go he caught the inside berm of turn 4 causing a caution and finishing in 13th position. Thursday night found us qualifying for the A main once again and found us running 7th in the A main when Brogan caught the inside berm of turn 2 causing a spin...darn inside berms...and relegating us to a 15th place finishing position in the A main. Because of the two poor finishes in the previous nights A main's we were slated to start 5 in the final nights B main feature. Brogan ran a great race for the most part and about half way through the race he attempted a pass for the final transfer spot, his car pushed up causing a spin and a re-start at the tail end of the field. We never quite recovered from that, although he passed some cars it wasn't quite enough and we finished in 7th position just three spots outside of the transfer to the A main. Although we were disappointed with the overall results as a team we were happy with the strides made that week overall. We have a few adjustments to make to the car to make for better handling and will be back at it on December 2nd and 3rd to begin the last month of racing for 2023! Thank You all for the support and for following along on our journey!

Submitted By: James Carder

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